Top 10 players in Nets history: 5-1

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5.Bernard King

Despite just playing three seasons as a Net (his first two seasons and his final season), Bernard King managed to make a major impact nonetheless. He posted two of his best seasons in his career before being traded to the Utah Jazz for Rich Kelley. Recently inducted into the hall of fame, King was a top-level talent who, if his career lasted longer, may have put up much better career stats. As a rookie, King averaged 24.2 points per game and 9.5 rebounds per game, and he was named to the All-Rookie 1st team. Although King only played for a short period of time for the Nets, he gets a boost on the list because he both started and finished his career as a Net. King was inducted into the hall of fame in 2013 after 15 years of waiting. With all of his accomplishments and talent, he most certainly earned it.

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