Top 10 players in Nets history: 5-1

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 2. Jason Kidd

Widely considered to be one of the last true PGs of the old era, Kidd’s awareness and passing abilities were almost unmatched. Kidd was the epitome of a floor general. He hit shooters and cutters in stride, led the fast break as well as anyone, and could hit threes as a spot up shooter. Kidd played for four different teams, but played more games as a Net than with any other team. Over the course of his Nets career, he scored 14.6 points per game, had 9.1 assists per game, and averaged 7.2 rebounds per game. Because of his excellent rebounding as a PG, he would get triple doubles regularly, and he even earned the nickname “Mr. Triple Double.” Kidd was one of the hardest players to read on defense, because no one ever knew what he would do with the ball when he got it. He was extremely crafty and creative, and he knew how to keep the offense flowing smoothly. He was also a terrific defender who could pick anyone’s pocket at any time. He had great active hands and could steal the ball from any ball-handler. Kidd will go down in history as one of the best true PGs to ever play the game, and he had his best years as a Net.

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