Nets: Preseason Week 1 Takeaways

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3.  Joe Johnson may struggle this season

Sep 28, 2015; Brooklyn, NY, USA; Brooklyn Nets guard Joe Johnson (7) poses for a photo during media day at Barclays Center. Mandatory Credit: Evan Habeeb-USA TODAY Sports

After playing poorly in the opener against Fenerbahce, Johnson sat out against the Pistons, and when he took the floor against the Sixers, he was mostly an afterthought. Johnson is a shell of his former self, and with his bloated contract, he might be the biggest liability in the NBA currently. Because the Nets have to commit so much money to an aging player with not much left to offer, they will certainly be happy to see that contract expire come next offseason. Johnson is obviously not the star he once was, but if he can’t even contribute on a night to night basis, the Nets are going to be in serious trouble.

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