Brooklyn Nets: Quarter Season Review

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Andrea Bargnani

Statistics: 18 GP, 13.7 MIN, 6.9 PPG, 1.9 RPG, 0.2 APG, 0.2 BPG, 43% FG%, 22% 3P%, 11.10 PER

One word to describe his season: Entertaining

The word I used to describe Andrea Bargnani’s season thus far may seem positive, but it certainly hasn’t been.

Bargnani definitely is entertaining, just not necessarily in a good way. Whenever he hits the floor, you know something will happen with Bargnani. It might be a missed dunk, perhaps a funny travel or some other Shaqtin-A-Fool worthy moment. Or, he might drain five mid-range jumpers in a row, though something positive like that is a lot less likely.

An Andrea Bargnani season would not be complete without an injury of some sort. Bargnani has missed the past four games with a hamstring injury, the same hamstring that hobbled him throughout the preseason.

Bargnani is a fun player of sorts – there’s never a dull moment with him in the game. However, his play has been far from productive this year. He’s a shooter who hasn’t shot well, has been unable to make any real impact in any other way, and has struggled with injury. With Willie Reed now healthy, once Bargnani returns, it’s very possible he’ll have to play his way into a real rotation spot.