Brooklyn Nets: Quarter Season Review

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Sergey Karasev

Statistics: 9 GP, 7.1 MIN, 1.0 PPG, 0.6 RPG, 0.1 APG, 0.1 SPG, 20% FG%, 17% 3P% 1.35 PER

One word to describe his season: Useless

Sergey Karasev’s season hasn’t exactly gone as planned so far.

After recovering from knee surgery, Karasev entered the season out of the rotation entirely. Through the Nets tumultuous 0-7 start, he didn’t see a single meaningful minute, despite being fully healthy. He has the reputation of a sharp-shooter, and couldn’t find playing time on a team that desperately needs it. What gives?

That’s what Sergey’s dad asked, at least.

It was reported on November 19th that Karasev’s dad, Vasily Karasev, said in an interview that his son asked the Nets to pursue trade opportunities to ship him out of Brooklyn. Sergey himself quickly denied these rumors, saying that he “wants to stay in Brooklyn” and his dad is just “his biggest fan.”

Regardless, his dad seemed to something, as immediately after the report came out, Karasev saw his first real playing time of the season: a 24 minute, 5 point performance in a blowout against the Boston Celtics.

After that, Karasev has seen spotty minutes, and has done absolutely nothing with them. After 16 starts last season and some productive play before tearing his MCL, Karasev provided a little hope for Nets fans. This season, he’s gotten rid of all of that, and looks as if he’s on his way to being out of the NBA shortly.