Thomas Robinson: What’s Next For Former Lottery Pick?

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Transitioning to the NBA

Transitioning to the NBA was tough for Robinson. Aside from not being more than an energetic glass cleaner, going to the Kings at the height of their dysfunction didn’t help. Since being drafted, T-Rob has played for five teams (Sacramento, Houston, Portland, Philadelphia, Brooklyn) in four seasons, and each year has been a repeat of previous ones.

Robinson has his issues like any other player, which includes being erratic at times and having a short temper. But he’s not a terrible player by any stretch of the imagination and has gotten consistent minutes with every team he’s been on. However, those minutes have hovered around the 14-16 per game mark. He also made the most of his opportunities and was an absolute force when he started seven games for the Nets last season. He finished the season averaging 14.6 points, 12.3 rebounds in 28.1 minutes a night.

As he matured, he has become a better ball player and has shown that he can produce in the NBA. Whether it’s on the glass, on defense, or various ways on offense like out of the pick-and-roll, transition, or cleaning up missed shots, Robinson is effective.

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