Thomas Robinson: What’s Next For Former Lottery Pick?

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Who’s Interested In Thomas Robinson

The free agency talks have been dead for a while now, but Robinson’s name was swirling around in early July. When he opted out of his deal with the Nets, Alex Kennedy of Basketball Insiders reported that the Pelicans, Spurs, Mavericks, and Timberwolves all had some interest in T-Rob.

Whether talks are still going on, I don’t know. But if any of these organizations were to sign Robinson, he’d be relegated to a bench role, as each team already has their frontline spots filled. The odds of him starting over Anthony Davis, LaMarcus Aldridge, Dirk Nowitzki, or Karl-Anthony Towns are too far-fetched. But he would be fascinating to watch as a role player, especially in Minnesota. The T-Wolves are going to have a sky-high pace next season. Wouldn’t it be a sight to see Robinson running alongside KAT, Andrew Wiggins, Zach LaVine, and Kris Dunn on the fastbreak?

As far as coming back to the Nets goes, there’s a chance. Re-signing Robinson would give him a nice opportunity to develop without having to compromise team expectations. Like most players in the NBA, Robinson most likely decided to test free agency to get a heftier contract. To his dismay, no one offered.

He’s a very humble guy and a player who still has an incredibly high ceiling as he hits his prime. Personally, I’d love to see Robinson back in Brooklyn.

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