Thomas Robinson: What’s Next For Former Lottery Pick?

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What About The D-League?

This is close to an emphatic no.

Robinson doesn’t seem like he’d be above going to the D-League, but he would be so incredibly dominant. Players who are talented enough to make an NBA roster look like Hall-of-Famers in the D-League because the competition isn’t what they’re used to. That’s not a knock on the players in the minor league because they’re professionals in their own right. However, they haven’t reached the NBA level yet, and NBA-level players carve them up like a Thanksgiving turkey.

Take Jordan McRae for example. McRae was a top-six scorer in the D-League (23.3 points) without the athletic ability that Robinson has, but hardly cracked the Cavaliers rotation. Robinson would use his athleticism and strength to his advantage. He would probably put up 25 points and 18 rebounds per night.

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