Thomas Robinson: What’s Next For Former Lottery Pick?

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Possible Overseas Play

In between the D-League and the NBA are the various other professional basketball leagues in Spain, China, Italy, etc. Some of those countries boast incredible talent in leagues that aren’t a joke. Just looking at the Olympics, there are a ton of skilled players stashed away overseas. Robinson would have a chance to be a solid rotational player–and possibly a starter–in a premier overseas league.

His best spot, if he elected to leave the country, would be the CBA in China because his game is more tailored toward that. Unlike Spanish and Italian leagues, China isn’t so perimeter oriented. Robinson wouldn’t need to worry so much about spacing the floor and doing things that European bigs have to.

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Going to a league like Liga ACB (Spain) or Lega Basket Serie A (Italy) would help Robinson develop into a more polished player. In turn, this could draw more attention from NBA teams because versatility is the best attribute for this new school style of play.