Brooklyn Nets: dynamic lineups to look forward to in 2017-18

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Like Rockets’ GM Daryl Morey so eloquently put it, “it’s a weapons race in the NBA, you’re either in the weapons race or on the sidelines.” This offseason, some teams have cashed in their chips and are making a run at the juggernaut Warriors. On the flip side, other teams have acquired as much young talent as possible, gearing up for the eventual downfall of the Golden State Empire, like the Brooklyn Nets.

Although the Brooklyn Nets are light years away from contention, this is one of the more exciting Brooklyn Net’s teams in recent memory. This team has a blend of speed, athleticism, and grit that should be electric on the court. Brooklyn fans are beginning to reap the benefits of the team’s past failures, as the Nets now have an identity that people can get behind.

In a weakened Eastern conference, the thought of an eight-seed is not too far-fetched. With six presumed playoff locks (Boston, Cleveland, Washington, Milwaukee, Toronto, Miami) the seventh and eighth spots are anybody’s game. The likes of Charlotte, Detroit, and Philadelphia will be fighting it out, but the Nets have a chance to steal the spot. Here are the most dynamic lineups that Kenny Atkinson could be playing this upcoming season: