Brooklyn Nets: Targets for the 2018 free-agent market

ORLANDO, FL - APRIL 6: Elfrid Payton
ORLANDO, FL - APRIL 6: Elfrid Payton /

While the offseason is coming to a close, it’s never too early to look towards next year’s free agent class. LeBron James, Kevin Durant and Russell Westbrook headline next summer’s free agency. But in order for the Brooklyn Nets to stay on course, they must keep true to their identity. Brooklyn has become a roster composed of over-looked talent with tremendous grit and athleticism. The 2018 free-agent pool is the perfect place to compliment this roster with more players that fit this build.

Elfrid Peyton:

Probably the most interesting player on this list, Peyton came into the league with very high aspirations. Teams overlook Peyton due to his lack of a jumpshot, despite being a talented playmaker. Unfortunately for Peyton, point guards have to knock down shots on a consistent basis.

At this moment, the Orlando Magic look like a team with no real direction or identity. The Elfrid Peyton path didn’t prove to be as fruitful as they once hoped. However, Peyton offers a unique blend of defense and playmaking ability that teams should not overlook.

This upcoming season, we will have the chance to witness D’Angelo Russell as an off-ball guard in Brooklyn and how effective he can prove to be as a two guard. But Russell has show that he has the skill and prowess to be an effective shooting guard. If he does, then an eventual pairing of Russell and Peyton in the backcourt isn’t far-fetched.

Peyton and Russell offer size, versatility and playmaking ability that could haunt the Eastern Conference for years to come. His compatibility alongside Russell is a mystery at the moment. But,the Nets should hesitate to bring out the big bucks for Peyton if Russell excels at the two.

Rodney Hood:

Standing in at 6’8, the shooting guard from Duke has always shown flashes of an electric scorer and feisty defender. While 2017 was a disappointing year for Hood, thanks to injuries, he should be looking to bounce back. With the departure of all-star Gordon Hayward, the Jazz will now look at Hood to carry a lot of the scoring bulk.

Playing alongside a pass first point guard in Ricky Rubio should give Rodney Hood the volume and opportunity to become a 20-point scorer on a consistent basis. The only things holding him back were nagging injuries and a his role as a secondary scorer.

With the moves that the Jazz have completed this offseason, it’s starting to look like a team that is ready to put their faith in Rodney Hood. In the upcoming season, general manager Sean Marks will have the chance to see how Hood plays out as a primary scoring option. If he can perform like he is expected to, he should serve as a complementary scoring piece alongside Jeremy Lin and Russell.

Wilson Chandler:

While Chandler is on the wrong side of 30 and has durability issues, he is still an invaluable stretch four with a lot to offer. As the Nuggets continue adding pieces, such as perennial All Star Paul Millsap, Chandler could become a forgotten commodity in Denver.

Therefore, a cheap, short-term signing of would only revamp a playoff-aspiring Nets team. Chandler fits the same build as former-first round pick Caris LeVert. He could help further improve LeVert’s range and positioning on the court.

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