A look back at the Brooklyn Nets’ past All-Stars: Vince Carter

HOUSTON - FEBRUARY 19: Vince Carter
HOUSTON - FEBRUARY 19: Vince Carter /

With voting having started last Tuesday, it is officially the start of All-Star season. What better way to celebrate than to take a look at some of the most prominent All-Stars in Brooklyn Nets history? And who better to start with than Vince Carter?

Although the Brooklyn Nets have had some exciting All-Stars in the past, none was more electrifying than Vince Carter. His dunks broke physics. His play on the court was phenomenal. He truly was Half-Man-Half-Amazing.

Carter played on All-Star Sunday three times during his tenure with the team. He only started once in 2005 after receiving the second-most votes in the Eastern Conference, behind Shaquille O’Neal. However, he led the East in votes the year prior as a Toronto Raptor, starting alongside his cousin Tracy McGrady.

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While the 2005 All-Star game is known for Allen Iverson’s double-double, Carter had some highlights. Rather famously, Zydrunas Ilgauskas inbounded the ball to Carter in the second quarter. Vinsanity took the ball the length of the court, looked up at the basket at the free throw line and tossed the ball off of the backboard. He rose up, caught the ball and slammed it down for the thunderous dunk.

In 2006, the Eastern Conference won a thrilling 122-120 game in Houston. Carter came off of the bench for his seventh All-Star game. His most memorable moment was probably when Chris Bosh, in his first All-Star game appearance, found Carter for an alley-oop in the second quarter. Either that or when he missed a dunk so hard that the ball flew to the opposite free throw line.

His last All-Star appearance was in 2007. Carter was also a reserve that year. Adding onto his highlight reel, Carter used a gorgeous spin move to get to the bucket for the slam in the first quarter. Earlier, he found Dwight Howard for the alley-oop. And in the opening seconds of the second quarter, Chauncey Billups threw the ball off the backboard for another Vince Carter slam.

While it was Carter’s last game, he still electrified the crowd, solidifying his place as one of the best All-Stars in Nets history.