Amid losing; Nets fans should keep hopes and chins up

SACRAMENTO, CA - MARCH 1: Isaiah Whitehead
SACRAMENTO, CA - MARCH 1: Isaiah Whitehead /

Even though the Brooklyn Nets are losing close and not so close games, their fans should keep hope alive. Every game and every loss is a new lesson for this young Nets team.

41-123. That’s the Brooklyn Nets record for the previous two years, not including this one. Horrendous? Yes. However Brooklyn Nets fans need to keep their chin up and keep the hope alive. This is not one of those bad years. Every season since Sean Marks took over and Kenny Aktinson was introduced, there has been progress.

There’s passion. There’s determination, hustle and the will to want to win. This is a young team that is learning to grow together. Each and every day, they learn how to be NBA players. But. this is not just something that can be easily taught to just anyone in any amount of time. Yes, some people have more talent than others and are able to flourish right out of college. But, some need more time and more coaching.

This is what is going on right now In Brooklyn and fans are able to witness something great in the making. Through every loss, every missed shot with a few seconds left, comes a lesson.

There are lessons of supporting each other even when you make a mistake. You come to the defense of your teammate. You slap him on the butt and say don’t worry you did the best you can. Because if you have watched any game, except that Detroit game, you’d know they are giving it their all.

They are playing their hardest and are learning what it takes to play a full 48 minutes. Brooklyn is learning what it takes to close out games. And, they don’t need a individual “superstar” for that to happen. They together can be the superstar.

Many Nets fans on social media groups are panicking, wanting to win. They want to make the playoffs just like the players, the coach and the management. So, it’s not hard to see why Nets fans want more. They see the product on the court. They see how close we are to being basketball relevant again.

And it will happen. When the time is right.

So keep those chins up. Keep those chants of defense as loud as you can. Show your team how much you believe in them.

The Nets are on the door step now. And the rest of the league knows we are coming Soon, fans will see a homegrown team that will wreak havoc on the rest of the NBA.

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Keep your hopes alive Brooklyn. The time is almost here.