Nets’ Jeremy Lin on The Lowe Post Podcast

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Brooklyn Nets guard Jeremy Lin spoke with Zach Lowe at the Sloan Analytics Conference in Boston, Massachusetts this past weekend. Their topics of conversation ranged from gaming, to Linsanity, to his recovery process in Brooklyn.

Lin sat down with ESPN’s Zach Lowe in an appearance on The Lowe Post Podcast this past weekend. They spoke about his future with Brooklyn, his past playing with Kobe Bryant and Carmelo Anthony, his recovery process, and even League of Legends.

League of Legends

The discussion started with Lowe attempting to make conversation about League of Legends. Lin, an avid gamer, was at Sloan partly because he was asked to compete in the League of Legends Showcase. Lin called it “an ugly morning” getting “picked on” by a team from MIT.


“Linsanity” was a word Zach Lowe was cautious to use. Lin conceded that he doesn’t mind it as much as he used to, but prefers that people call him Jeremy. In the past, he was not a fan of “Linsanity” because he did not want to be associated with a social phenomenon. He said he now appreciates that experience. He refers back to that time in his career to “keep believing” in himself. Lowe called it “the reason I can never take a vacation during the NBA season.”

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Lin recounted a person tracking him down at his apartment and refusing to leave before he took a picture with her as the craziest request he received during the 2011-2012 season. In addition, the 2012 off season was a major talking point. The Knicks’ failure to extend an offer sheet in a timely manner was referred to as “a soap opera.”

His Injury and His Future With Brooklyn

Lin mentioned Gordon Hayward reaching out to him after both of them were injured in their first game of the season. They shared a certain bond over their injuries, with Lin stating that “misery loves company.”

The two transitioned to Lin’s time in Charlotte, and eventually, Brooklyn. Lin spoke about the difficulties of watching Brooklyn struggle and not being able to help. He added that the players root for each other, and that the rotation will work itself out when he returns. Mostly, he said he’s excited to get back to the team and contribute to winning.

Doctors told Lin he’d feel even better after the injury because they “cleaned everything up.” There was an obvious eagerness to return to the Brooklyn Nets throughout the conversation.