The Brooklyn Nets Have Been the League’s Most Slighted Team

NEW YORK, NY - JANUARY 31: Spencer Dinwiddie
NEW YORK, NY - JANUARY 31: Spencer Dinwiddie /

The Brooklyn Nets have been in a lot of tight games this season and seemed to have been slighted by the officials in the final seconds often. While many dismiss the team’s comments as whining, there is now some basis to their complaints.

There may be no one as happy, or unhappy, than Spencer Dinwiddie about a recent article published by The article takes a look at the teams that have received or not received, the most bad calls within the last two minutes of games within three points. On the top of that list, you guessed it, the Nets.

The Nets lead the league with 29 bad calls through the All-Star break according to the article, followed by the Dallas Mavericks in second with 24.  It isn’t the calls that have been against the Nets, but the ones not called in their favor.

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According to the chart, there have been about three bad calls made on the Nets and 26 non-calls. Non-calls hurt more than bad calls because a lot of those were on missed shots. These allow the opposing team to come back down the floor with an extra offensive possession. In games within three points, that extra possession can mean the difference between a win and a loss.

The fact that the Nets have been involved in so many close games goes to show how far the team has come in just one season. Last season, the Nets would let games that were close get away from them late, but this season they fight until the final whistle.

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Another telling stat that the article pointed out is individual players that have been on the receiving end of bad calls/non-calls within the last two minutes of games within three points. Who topped that list? You guessed it, Spencer Dinwiddie, with a whopping 10 times this has happened to him. Joining him on the list tied for sixth is fellow teammate Caris LeVert, with five instances.

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What’s more is that Dinwiddie is on track to setting a record that he probably doesn’t want to hold.

"“On an individual level, Dinwiddie’s frustration may be justified. The 10 blown calls that left him disadvantaged led the league as of the All-Star break — a very high number for that point in the campaign, considering that no player in the league’s database has ever been the victim of more than 11 blown calls in a single year since the NBA first began publishing these reports during the 2014-15 season.” – Chris Herring and Neil Paine,"

That stat shows just how aggressive the Nets have been on going to the basket and driving the ball. The team has taken to the mantra, if you drive the ball, good things will happen. However, it hasn’t been the case this season. Players like Dinwiddie, LeVert, DeMarre Carroll, Rondae Hollis-Jefferson and Isaiah Whitehead have all taken the ball to the rack often but haven’t gotten the calls they feel they deserve.

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Brooklyn Nets fans may look at this as the cause of all close games the team has lost this season. That’s not the only factor, though. Late game execution, defensive lapses and costly turnovers have played a major part in their losses. One thing isn’t up for debate though, the Nets have been slighted the most this season by the officials. Despite this, they are still on the right track for the future