Is D’Angelo Russell’s NBA2K19 rating too low?

Over the last week, NBA2K19 has been releasing player ratings. On Friday morning, 2K released D’Angelo Russell’s player rating– an 83. Is that too low for the Brooklyn Nets guard?

Over the past couple of seasons, a majority of NBA players take their NBA2K ratings to heart. With many complaining about their rating being too low or some on the other hand surprised, does Brooklyn Nets guard D’Angelo Russell have an argument for his 83 player rating.

It is not a big surprise NBA2K gave Russell an 83 player rating. The 83  rating lists Russell at 12th among NBA point guard ratings, according to Toronto Raptors point guard Kyle Lowry is 11th with an 84, while Miami Heat point guard Goran Dragic ranks 13th with an 82.

Stephen Curry of the Golden State Warriors tops the point guard ratings with a 96.

With the 83 rating, Russell will likely be the highest-rated player on the Brooklyn Nets roster for the NBA2K19 video game. It will be shocking if any player on the Brooklyn Nets get above an 83.

Looking at the tweet from NBA2K19, they as well expect Russell to have a breakout season. Now, the video game usually updates player ratings a couple time throughout the season.

Since they acknowledge Russell to have a breakout season, if his production goes up, expect the Nets guard to get a boost.

Entering the 2018-19 season, Russell has huge expectations. The Nets have until the beginning of the regular season in October to decide whether or not to agree on a rookie-scale extension. If an extension does not happen then Russell will become a restricted free agent next summer.

So far this offseason, Jared Dudley and other teammates have challenged Russell to become the leader of this young Brooklyn Nets team.

Russell wants to prove not only he can be a top point guard in the NBA, but that he should be in the conversation for a max contract next summer. This is a big season coming up for Russell.

Now lets talk about where the 83 player rating came from. The NBA2K 19 player ratings are weighted heavily on the 2017-18 season. Russell did not have a big year for the Brooklyn Nets. He did have a good season, but not a huge one.

He averaged 25.7 minutes, 15.5 points, 5.2 assists, and 3.9 rebounds playing in a total of 48 games. Out of those 48 games, Russell started 35 of them. His season was shortened by a knee injury suffered in early November against the Utah Jazz.

The injury required arthroscopic surgery and sidelined the Nets guard for two months.

If you analyze the player character of Russell, he got bigger in size and NBA2K19 has him his new hairstyle. This offseason, Russell has posted a couple of offseason workout videos and he has bulked up. One thing that is noticeable too about his player character is his tattoos.

Russell does not show to have tattoos, but has his two arms fully covered. However, the game is still more than a month from release, so the artwork in-game may not be complete.

Overall, the 83 player rating for D’Angelo Russell is not a rating to complain about. He will likely be the highest-rated Net in the game and an 83 does fit him. It could be bumped up to an 84, but as of now an 83 works.

Entering last season, Russell was the highest-rated Net in the previous iteration of the game, NBA2K18, with an overall mark of 80.

Russell has not publicly responded to the player rating, but a complaint is not expected. If Russell is unhappy with the rating, he can add that on for motivation to his expected breakout season.