Brooklyn Nets: Projecting Jarrett Allen’s progession in 2018-19

Brooklyn Nets center Jarrett Allen enters his second NBA season as the clear starter. What sort of progression can fans expect to see from the big man?

To say the least, Jarrett Allen shocked the NBA last season, and the Brooklyn Nets got a steal at the 22nd overall pick.

Known as “The Fro” by many Net fans, Jarrett Allen at only 20 years old has the potential to become an iconic Nets basketball star, along with his hairstyle that brings nostalgia from when Julius Erving played for the ABA’s New York Nets.

Though Allen started the year slowly last season, he quickly turned his season at the turn of the new year. Then, Allen averaged 10 points, 6 rebounds and shot 66 percent in around 20 minutes a night.

Though his numbers don’t pop off the paper, his play was much more impressive and his potential for this season is sky high.

At only 20 years old, the 6-foot-11 Allen proved to be a solid finisher at the rim and his momentum to the bucket off the pick-and-roll could be scary for any center in the league next season.

Along with his play in the paint, Allen has showed promise to improve his shooting range last season from his college years, going 3-for-7 on corner 3s last season.

On the other end of the floor, on defense, Allen has a huge presence in the paint. Last year, The Fro held opponents to only 54 percent shooting within six feet while contesting many of those shots.

Allen has grown comfortable dropping back to the paint on defense, and sooner rather than later, coach Kenny Atkinson will start to ask him to guard the pick-and-roll.

Though the center and guard matchup is very complicated, Allen has the quickness and size to cover the open floor against smaller opponents in his second year.

In the end, Jarrett Allen’s upside probably would not be the same with another organization. Allen landed in the perfect situation, where Atkinson has minutes for him and the offensive system is tailored to his game.

Next year, it is expected by many that Jarrett Allen will raise his offensive numbers through more pick-and-roll chemistry with D’Angelo Russell and Caris LeVert.

Along with his ability to finish at the rim and throw it down as a dunker, Allen has plenty of room to improve as an outside shooter in Atkinson’s offense.

On defense, Allen is expected to continue to be an excellent rim protector and when the season rolls around, his ability to defend in space will be much improved.

By the end of next season, Nets fans will get plenty of highlight plays from Allen and his reliability at center will be much appreciated by the backcourt on offense. The Fro gives the Nets hope for the future and his highlights show the Nets are moving up the NBA rankings every year.