Brooklyn Nets: Dzanan Musa’s chances of NBA success

The Brooklyn Nets took a flyer on the offensive potential of 19-year-old Bosnian wing Dzanan Musa with the 29th pick in the draft. Can he be an NBA success?

The Brooklyn Nets desperately needed a strong offensive wing player with a massive presence on the that end of the floor. Sean Marks and Kenny Atkinson picked 19-year-old Bosnian Dzanan Musa.

Musa wreaked havoc as an offensie threat, with a competitive edge and all-around scoring ability in three seasons with KK Cedevita in Croatia.

Last season, Musa averaged 12.3 points and 3.5 rebounds in 23.1 minutes per game, shooting 47 percent overall and 31 percent from 3-point range.

While Musa will have to adjust to a completely new way of life in Brooklyn, he does have the right coaches, teammates and potential to turn into a big-time scorer in the NBA.

While Musa has not played in an environment close to the NBA, his ability to score from the wing at 6-foot-9 will catch any GM’s eye.

When the dust settles and all is said and done, Musa’s chances of NBA success are all predicated on one thing, consistency. If Musa can avoid the streakiness he showed in Europe, he has the ability to prove himself as one of the most gifted Europeans to ever play in the NBA.

While Nets fans have not been able to see Musa on the court in the black-and-white, it is essential to take a look at his strengths and weakness, which will either make or break his career in the NBA.


His weaknesses all revolve around consistency. Whether Musa can be consistent mentally and physically will truly be the deciding factor of his playing time and whether or not general manager Sean Marks made the right call at the 29th pick.

Musa plays with an incredible amount of passion, so much that it has caused him to have multiple emotional swings on the court in a single game. On the court, Musa was an athletic freak in Croatia, but in the NBA he is merely an average athlete.

With that being said, Musa will have to put on weight and grow in the weight room this offseason to make up for his lack of explosiveness.

As a scorer, he dominated in Europe, but with plenty of other athletes on the floor with him, Musa is going to have to fix his streakiness as a spot-up shooter.

He is not going to be able get to the rack near as easily as he did in Europe and in the NBA, Musa must become a prolific spot-up shooter in order to get his shots in game.


On the other hand, his strengths all revolve around scoring and the fact that he has more than the ability to make his shots in the league. When Musa steps on the floor at Barclays, one thing’s for sure — he will not be scared of the bright lights and the big stage.

He is as versatile as they come, being able to play everything from point guard to small forward. His basketball IQ is off the charts and his awareness on the floor has so much to do with his ability to light up the scoreboard.

He scores off the dribble with total ease and can literally score from any spot on the floor due to his size. Due to his basketball awareness overall, Musa is an excellent pick-and-roll player and I see him meshing extremely well with Caris LeVert and D’Angelo Russell from the backcourt.

In the end, Dzanan Musa can do everything on the court well, but what will make his career completely depends on whether he can perfect his craft as a consistent scorer.


In the end, Dzanan Musa has the ability to be a special NBA talent if he can bulk up, keep his cool mentally and if he can continue to hone his skills as a consistent scorer. From Bosnia to Brooklyn,

Dzanan Musa could be truly one of the best players to ever come out of Europe and all the credit is due to Sean Marks and Kenny Atkinson’s staff for getting him in a Nets uniform.

Now, Nets fans must wait until training camp and the beginning of the season to see what Musa can make happen in the NBA.