Brooklyn Nets: 5 free agent targets in 2019

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DeMarcus Cousins

I know that a lot of NBA fans feel animosity towards DeMarcus Cousins for signing with the Golden State Warriors, especially after his agent bragged about getting his client a $5.3 million contract.

But that doesn’t mean that after one year in Golden State, many fan bases, including Brooklyn, wouldn’t welcome Cousins with open arms.

With his ability to shoot 3-pointers, grab boards with the best of them and pass extremely well for a center, Cousins would be a great addition to the core of this team. Jarrett Allen has expanded his game to the outside, but his offensive moves are limited. That is not the case with Cousins.

Cousins would be another cornerstone piece for this franchise, a name that holds weight, but also a name that is synonymous with missing the playoffs.

Since entering the league (granted, he was playing in Sacramento and New Orleans), Cousins has not been able to make a single playoff appearance.

That could have happened last season if it was not for an Achilles tear, but should be a point of questioning for a team looking to invest in the big man.