Brooklyn Nets: 5 takeaways from foray with the defending champs

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5. There are no more Bourbon Street blues

Despite dropping another game in the closing minutes of the fourth quarter, the Brooklyn Nets have proven that they can bounce back from hard losses. The Nets bookended a game against the defending champions with energy and tenacity on both ends of the court.

While the bench had a very rough game, there is something to be said about coming back from a 19-point deficit in the middle of the third quarter to coming within a couple of bounces of winning the game.

D’Angelo Russell, who had taken responsibility for the demise of the team the last game, had rebounded and reminded everyone of his value on this team.

Spencer Dinwiddie, who was also vocal about the team’s play last game, kept hope alive for the team in the late third and early fourth quarters.

Again it is very early in the season, but seeing a team like this compete against a team who will at the very least make it to the conference finals in the West is a testament to the growth of the team as a whole.

Kenny Atkinson and various Nets have said that there should be no more moral victories, but I am sure that the fourth quarter of this game is indeed something to look back and be proud of.

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The Nets will look to build onto this rally against Enes Kanter and the Knicks Monday night.