Brooklyn Nets: How do the Nets re-sign D’Angelo Russell?

Brooklyn Nets D'Angelo Russell Kyrie Irving (Photo by Adam Glanzman/Getty Images)
Brooklyn Nets D'Angelo Russell Kyrie Irving (Photo by Adam Glanzman/Getty Images) /

The Brooklyn Nets and D’Angelo Russell want to remain joined as Russell becomes a free agent this summer, but how can the 2 sides reach a deal that works?

Nearing the end of the best season of his career, Brooklyn Nets guard D’Angelo Russell sat down for an interview with USA Today’s Trysta Krick. While speculation swirls of what Russell will do when free agency rolls around, he reminded Nets fans everywhere that he belongs in Brooklyn.

He told Krick:

"“I plan on being in Brooklyn for a long time.”"

That comment came after discussing his time in Los Angeles. When asked about the difference between a Sean Marks organization and Magic Johnson‘s Lakers he said:

"“It’s the type of organization that will trade you to bring in what they want.”"

Russell also made it clear that his Laker days are over.

While the Nets will certainly want Russell back and it is clear that DLo has found a home in Brooklyn, we still don’t know what it will take. There are so many variables, with cap space and timing at the top of the list.

For starters, the fact that Russell is in the All-NBA discussion leads us to believe he is going to get a max deal. With that being said, what is the max for Russell? The assumed deal would be identical to what the Suns gave Devin Booker: $158 million over five years.

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While the Nets could make that happen, Russell could settle for less to allow the Nets to pursue other free agents this offseason. After watching the Nets and Spencer Dinwiddie agree to a below-market deal, we can assume they will try the same with Russell.

From that point in the negotiations forward, it will be crystal clear how serious D’Angelo Russell is about the recruitment process during free agency. Will Russell take less money to land a Kevin Durant? This is the question that will dictate the direction the Nets are heading for the future.

There are plenty of factors, including the rest of the Nets roster to work out but the Nets have had Russell’s back in the past creating a solid relationship with the front office.

Other teams such as Dallas could set Russell’s market value by making an offer, but the one thing for certain is that other teams will pursue Russell this offseason.

When those teams come knocking, I would bet my life the Nets front office will be prepared. This is one of the franchises biggest decisions since moving to Brooklyn, and there is no doubt in my mind that Sean Marks will be ready to roll when the season ends.

Another factor is whether the Nets make the postseason. Will Russell want to finish what he started if they miss out on the playoffs. Or will he want to start a run of playoff pushes if they do get the playoff berth.

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It certainly will be an exciting offseason in Brooklyn, but the Nets are still fighting for a playoff spot. Despite the tough schedule, Brooklyn still has a shot at the playoffs, and the home stand starts on Saturday against the Celtics. Let’s ride, Nets fans.