Brooklyn Nets: Kyrie, D-Lo pairing is a bad idea for Brooklyn

Brooklyn Nets Kyrie Irving (Photo by Jim McIsaac/Getty Images)
Brooklyn Nets Kyrie Irving (Photo by Jim McIsaac/Getty Images) /
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The conclusion on Kyrie

Pairing D-Lo and Kyrie on max deals would not address Brooklyn’s several primary team needs. It would create cap issues, cause potential chemistry problems and possible quandries off the court.

What happens if this team starts slumping and Kyrie thinks he made a mistake coming to Brooklyn? Will he demand a trade? Will he start talking about how he took a pay-cut to come here? Is Brooklyn prepared for this potential drama?

How will the fans react to something like this?

It’s obvious that Nets general manager Sean Marks should be focusing on signing a cornerstone franchise piece.

However, that superstar has to seamlessly fit right into the team’s urgent needs, not create more team needs.

Kyrie Irving is not the right superstar to pair with D-Lo on the Nets. Marks should be looking at dramatically improving the Nets at the power forward position after pursuing top free-agent fits. To do both in one fell swoop would be ideal.

The Nets need more 3-and-D players who will be healthier and cheaper options than Kyrie. The Nets need to rebuild their bench depth, continue to develop their core, and acquire veterans or assets. They still need shooters, a post player and lockdown perimeter defenders.

All of these things need to happen if the Nets want to contend for titles. How can all of that happen with Kyrie and D-Lo paired with max contracts for the next 4 years?

Brooklyn would have cap problems for the next 4-5 years, conflicts on Harris’ role, potential issues extending or re-signing LeVert, lack of depth or ability to acquire it, and they’d still be a bad defensive team.

There would be chemistry issues initially and constant worrying about Irving getting hurt on top of potential drama.

Shouldn’t Marks be looking at improving the teams numerous weaknesses in the off-season instead of bolstering one or two arguable offensive strengths by taking risks?

Marks should not be star-struck by Kyrie Irving. Pairing him with D-Lo would go against everything Brooklyn has done to improve the team already.

The goal has to be to shore up the obvious team deficiencies and keep developing the core players and giving them opportunities.

Marks is creative and this is a deep free agent market with many popular free agents and under-the-radar options as well.

To forgo exploring more creative options for the sake of adding a star like Kyrie who won’t fit with the Nets would be a mistake.

Irving had his chance to lead a talented team deep into the playoffs on Boston last year and he failed. He had a good supporting cast and an excellent coach in Brad Stevens. He still couldn’t get it done.

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Kyrie’s never been a franchise cornerstone as the leader of a contender and probably never will be. Marks should avoid this experiment as it already proved to be a failed one in Boston.