One Trade That Could Make The Brooklyn Nets Even Better


With the NBA season just a few months away, and the Brooklyn Nets making a seismic change in their main roster core, is it possible for them to get even better? The answer is yes, and it would come through the virtue of trade.

It’s hard to assume that there’s a reality in which the Brooklyn Nets are able to load up even more talent than they already have. However if the Nets wanted to be even more aggressive than they already have been, it is something that could certainly happen in the near future.

Doing this would be a more than ambitious move, as it would potentially mortgage some of the Brookyln Nets future and almost in a way resembling the 2013 mega trade featuring Kevin Garnett and Paul Pierce that sent then Nets into NBA purgatory for a few seasons. So without further adieu, let’s jump into it:

Why Brooklyn says yes

With an expiring deal on Joe Harris coming up in 2020, although the Brooklyn Nets do own his Bird Rights, (so, if they want to pay him, they can.) it’s not out of the realm of possibility to think that another team could make an offer he can’t refuse. So, if that happens the Nets would be wise to get ahead of it and maximize his value and get a return on him.

In doing this, the Nets lose one of the best shooters in the NBA. However they’re adding a shooting guard in Gary Harris who although can’t shoot the ball like Joe can, is more versatile on offense and is generally a better defender. Gary can attack the basket off the dribble and finish at the rim, or he can spot up from the perimeter. He’s also more efficient at drawing contact around the rim than Joe is.

Giving up Spencer Dinwiddie means losing a Sixth Man of the Year candidate. Doing this gives you a return of Monte Morris, an up and coming point guard that Denver can no longer keep quiet. The secret is out on Monte, and many teams want in on him. His scoring can be on par with Spencer this season, but his court vision isn’t quite there yet. Monte would bring his athleticism to the Brooklyn Nets point guard rotation alongside Kyrie Irving.

Why Denver says yes

The reason the Nuggets would be inclined to agree is because of the exact reasons mentioned above; Joe Harris is statistically one of the best shooters in the NBA, and Spencer Dinwiddie has consistently been in contention for the NBA’s Sixth Man of the Year award. As insurance for the chance of Joe leaving in 2020’s Free Agency, they’d be getting two first round picks as insurance.

Why would Brooklyn give up two? Well, if the return of Kevin Durant goes according to plan, then that pick will be somewhere in the low 20’s, or even the final pick in the round as they could be NBA champions, so the pick likely won’t exceed its current value. The Nuggets would have a chance to stockpile a small amount of draft picks onto their current amount, which is shockingly low.

Denver has spent the last several years building their roster and team chemistry, and you would begin to wonder if they would take a chance on taking it apart slightly in order to revamp their NBA title chances.

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The Brooklyn Nets and the Denver Nuggets are in the hunt for championships. Will they take a risk, or will the stand and wait?