5 players on the Brooklyn Nets that might help you win your fantasy basketball league

Joe Harris Brooklyn Nets (Photo by Quinn Harris/Getty Images)
Joe Harris Brooklyn Nets (Photo by Quinn Harris/Getty Images) /
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Kyrie Irving

As a scorer, Kyrie Irving is a jack of all trades; four out of the last five seasons his three-point percentage has been better than 40 percent, he finishes at the rim with the best of them due to his craftiness and has no issue in pulling up on a dime from 16 feet away.

But that isn’t the sole avenue to his offense. Though he’s widely recognized as a “score-first” point guard, his playmaking has improved with each passing season.

A season ago with the Boston Celtics, Irving averaged a career-high in assists with 6.9 but also scored a career-high in assists to turnover ratio, with 2.76. That additional ball security is welcoming to fantasy basketball players, as Irving comes with limited repercussions to those who play in head to head matchups with turnovers categorized in their settings.

With Durant likely out of action till at least next spring, Kenny Atkinson and the Nets’ coaching staff will likely give Kyrie Irving the green light in initiating the team’s offense.

He’s put up gaudy stat lines before but this upcoming season could statistically be his best yet. If Irving is still available by the time your on the clock in the initial rounds, this would be a safe pick, barring any significant injury, of course.