Brooklyn Nets: 5 Quick Thoughts on LeVert’s Birthday Gift

Brooklyn Nets D'Angelo Russell Caris LeVert (Photo by Matteo Marchi/Getty Images)
Brooklyn Nets D'Angelo Russell Caris LeVert (Photo by Matteo Marchi/Getty Images) /

Caris LeVert of the Brooklyn Nets received quite the welcoming gift on his birthday, here are some quick thoughts on his present.

Let’s start out by that wishing Caris LeVert had the best possible birthday imaginable, let’s also wish for many more to come and a long, successful career in the NBA. And that’s exactly what Sean Marks and the Brooklyn Nets are hoping as they dished out a 3-year 52 million dollar contract to the birthday. Here are some things that stand out in the wake of this new deal.

1. Sean Marks moves tend to be calculated and well-timed. This is yet another one. By striking while the pen is hot, Brooklyn Nets avoid the free agency frenzy and the market that potentially would’ve opened up around the young budding star.

2. This move also comes with risk. Levert has a lengthy injury. Bobby Marks is right to bring it up.

It may come with fears, but we’ve all been accustomed to what LeVert is when healthy, let’s just hope he can, in fact, stay healthy. This investment comes with the Nets trusting Caris can finally find a way to stay healthy, although, in his defense, he looked like he was on the right path. A freak accident derailed that last season.

3. Caris Levert looked primed for a breakout season last year before the injury and it took to the latter stretch of the season for him to return to form. Here’s to hoping he can recapture and maintain that level of play through his continued growth. He’ll be a big part of this team moving forward, especially as another scoring option with the return of his good friend, Kevin Durant.

4. This deal shows Brooklyn’s desire to stick by their guys. We saw this with Spencer Dinwiddie and Joe Harris, who will in all likelihood be the next player targeted by the Nets to re-up on. Players that Kenny Atkinson and the Nets essentially molded from scratch. Players that got their big break here. Jarrett Allen might be in for a something similar soon.

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5. Joseph Tsai is the Nets sole owner now. With that being said, Tsai looks as though he is willing to do whatever it takes to try to bring a championship to Brooklyn. This solidifies that perspective, Tsai won’t penny pinch like many owners across the league. Tsai is open to spend big if he feels the investment will pay off.