A Blockbuster Trade That Could Benefit The Brooklyn Nets

Blake Griffin Detroit Pistons (Photo by Al Bello/Getty Images)
Blake Griffin Detroit Pistons (Photo by Al Bello/Getty Images) /

Heading into the 2019-2020 season, the Brooklyn Nets could have several issues on their hands; A lack of depth at Power Forward, and the conflict at Center. Is there a trade that could resolve these issues?

Within the last month, the Brooklyn Nets have developed a very serious issue with depth at the power forward position. This has sparked contentious debates on what measures the team should take in order to fill the holes, ranging from various trades to free agent signings. Along with this comes another issues that may be self-derived among the fans – Could starting DeAndre Jordan at center stunt the growth of Jarrett Allen?

The two play relatively similar games – rim protection and inside scoring are their fortes. Though it’s widely believed that Jarrett should  be in the starting lineup on opening night, it remains unclear what the case may be. If DeAndre gets the nod continuously throughout the season, if their minutes aren’t staggered enough it could prevent Jarrett from blossoming into the player that the Nets envision him becoming – both offensively and defensively.

So with a lingering depth issue and a potential problem at the five spot, whether it be at the trade deadline or next summer – the Nets have an option.

Let’s get into the “why’s” of this proposal.

Brooklyn takes advantage of their stockpile of “middle of the road” talent and lands another superstar alongside Kyrie Irving and Kevin Durant. The offense would completely open up and allow Jarrett Allen to grow. Naturally in doing this, the power forward position gains a tremendous upgrade in Blake Griffin. A starting lineup of Kyrie Irving, Joe Harris, Kevin Durant, Blake Griffin and Jarrett Allen would be a lock for a 60 win season.

The Detroit Pistons would lose their two stars, but immediately gain enough back to remain competitive. They would also be receiving two future first round draft picks from Brooklyn, (2020 and 2021) as well as a 2022 second round pick from Golden State. This is added insurance for Detroit in case the event that misfortune winds up being the memory of the trade.

The Golden State Warriors – as it has been assumed by many may try shopping D’Angelo Russell once Klay Thompson returns from his ACL injury. Naturally they wouldn’t do this during the regular season, so they may try it next summer. In return they’d get a highly coveted big man in Andre Drummond who would become a pick and roll nightmare for every defense in the league. They’d also receive a first round pick to maximize D’Angelo’s value.

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In all likelihood the Brooklyn Nets will stand pat with DeAndre Jordan and their new trio, but stranger things have happened in the NBA, and fortune tends to favor the bold.