Could the Brooklyn Nets really part ways with Dinwiddie, LeVert, or Allen this summer?

Caris LeVert Brooklyn Nets (Photo by Jesse D. Garrabrant/NBAE via Getty Images)
Caris LeVert Brooklyn Nets (Photo by Jesse D. Garrabrant/NBAE via Getty Images) /
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Almost Immediately after DeAndre Jordan mimicked Irving and Durant by allying with the Nets last summer, many began wondering what might happen to the young, yet promising big man Jarrett Allen. However, Nets fans soon realized that the Fro had made no plans to surrender his starting spot to the veteran newcomer, as he continues to shine by owning the league’s 4th highest field goal percentage while still illustrating a capability to meet and deny any NBA player at the rim.

Despite these improvements, some still only see Allen as just a potential trade piece due to Jordan’s capability to start at center and the frequently praised rookie, Nicolas Claxton, already appearing ready to field more minutes at the professional level.

Although the Nets for now seem strong at the center position, trading away Allen carries a high risk, as Jordan’s age might cause his play to deteriorate even further next year, while Claxton still remains frankly unproven. Not to mention if Allen continues to improve his game elsewhere, it would surely come as a nauseating gut punch to Sean Marks.

Nevertheless, if Brooklyn sent Allen packing, expect them to seek out a return value similar to that of LeVert. Furthermore, if the Nets really wanted to score big, they might look to trade Allen and LeVert together for a more prestigious player that attains sought out skills such as strong defensive tendencies combined with a jump shot. Chatter involving Jrue Holiday as a possible trade target for the Nets continues to ensue, while other players like as Robert Covington and Aaron Gordon also come to mind.

Once again, this all comes as just speculation though, so hold off on selling your Allen, Dinwiddie, and LeVert jerseys on Ebay at least for now.