Brooklyn Nets All-Time Starting Lineup

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The Brooklyn Nets have had exactly 40 All-Star selections in franchise history. Which ones would create the best all-time starting lineup?

Prior to becoming the Brooklyn Nets in 2012, the Nets spent 35 years in New Jersey two NBA Finals appearances to show for, but unfortunately no championships.

The Nets were actually founded as the New Jersey Americans as an ABA team in 1967 but quickly moved to Long Island a year later to become the New York Nets until 1977 when they moved back to the Garden State as an NBA franchise.

They won two ABA championships with Julius Erving in the fold, but Erving was dealt to the Philadelphia 76ers in 1976 when the Nets were one of four teams to move to the NBA as part of the ABA-NBA merger.

Though the Nets only have two ABA championships to brag about in their franchise history, they now have two superstars with championship pedigree in Kevin Durant and Kyrie Irving and hope they can help this franchise experience what it’s like to be an NBA champion for the first time ever.

Though Durant and Irving can one day make this list, here are five players that make the best starting lineup in franchise history.

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