Jason Kidd’s the answer for the Brooklyn Nets as head coach

Jason Kid coaching from the sidelines at Barclay Center
Jason Kid coaching from the sidelines at Barclay Center /

The Brooklyn Nets are seeking a new head coach. The one they should hire is the franchise icon and former head coach, Jason Kidd.

Around March 6th, my phone received a notification from Bleacher Report with a headliner saying, Kenny Atkinson has been fired from the Brooklyn Nets.

I took a breath and wondered why now in the middle of the season. The guy who had finally developed an identity for the Nets is now asked mid-season to step down from his head coaching position. I was confused, but the reasoning made sense.

During Kenny’s time with the Nets, he was able to win 118 games and make an appearance in the playoffs with a ton of developing players like Spencer Dinwiddie, Jarrett Allen, and my favorite, Caris LeVert.

However, his stat record for coaching was just not enough to handle the personalities of Kevin Durant and Kyrie Irving for the next seasons to come and bring a championship to Brooklyn.

The question that still lingers and grows every day for Nets fans is who is the best candidate for next season to bring it home.  My response: We go with THE KID, JASON KIDD!

Every Nets fan knows Jason Kidd. The guy who averaged 14.6 points a game and 8.7 assists a game and led the Nets to many playoff runs especially the Finals runs in 2002 and 2003 with young forwards, Kenyon Martin and Richard Jefferson, and our coach in 2013-2014 where we beat the Raptors in Game 7 to advance to the Eastern Conference Semifinals.

That is the Kidd we need to bring back to the Brooklyn Nets. The reason Jason Kidd is the best candidate for the Nets is he understands Nets culture and he was a player who had been in the position to win championships. You don’t get a ton of coaches who understand the culture, played for the culture, and can possibly win a championship for the culture.

This is an opportunity that Sean Marks needs to strike on this summer. If we can get Jason Kidd back to Brooklyn, Kevin Durant and Kyrie Irving won’t be as big of a problem as we think they would be and we have a shot to make it to the Eastern Conference Finals.

Jason Kidd has made amazing decisions that lead to the success of the Nets and Bucks.

In 2013, he moved Paul Pierce to power forward to create spacing. In 2015, he built some shooters around Giannis to create a ton of isolation opportunities for the superstar.

All of these decisions gave the team a chance to compete in the playoffs.

Jason Kidd understands how to coach superstars and knows what it takes from players to get to the championship.

Next. If the stars are on board, the Brooklyn Nets should consider Tom Thibodeau. dark

Sean Marks has to make the decision to bring Jason Kidd. The Kidd is the answer!