Three Brooklyn Nets jerseys made it in ESPN’s top 74 in history

Out of several jerseys in the history of the NBA, the Brooklyn Nets had three of them that were good for a place in the top 74 of all-time.

The Brooklyn Nets came into the borough with a fresh new look in 2012 led by rap mogul Jay-Z, as they ditched their iconic red, white and blue jerseys and went with a simple, but cool black-and white-color scheme.

The black-and-white ones, which they most commonly wear at home, was good for 69th out of 74 in an all-time list jersey list created by ESPN.

Barring an unexpected change, Kevin Durant will put on that jersey when he’ll presumably return to action next season, but the most notable guys to put on that uniform to date are Kyrie Irving, Kevin Garnett, Paul Pierce, Deron Williams, Brook Lopez and Joe Johnson.

Although Pierce and Garnett were out of their primes in Brooklyn, it was still cool to see two legends put on those jerseys and rep a team that had a fresh new look.

The logos, jerseys and color scheme gave the Nets a completely new identity, as you started to see a lot of people wearing Brooklyn Nets gear to make a fashion statement, and it blended in very nicely with the hip-hop culture of the borough.

Speaking of hip-hop, their black city edition jerseys in the 2018-19 season was absolutely gorgeous. It was a “Brooklyn Camo” style jersey that paid tribute to the late great rapper out of Brooklyn, Notorious B.I.G.

D’Angelo Russell made that jersey look even hotter with a shooting sleeve that would match the uniform and then do his signature “ice in his veins” reaction every time he hit a big shot.

Spencer Dinwiddie was a huge fan of the look as well, as he once said that he wishes he could wear it more than 16 times.

It would be amazing if the Nets decide to bring that look back next season when Irving and Durant return, as their current version of that jersey with “Bedstuy” on the front of a white jersey just doesn’t look as cool.

The jersey that was ranked the highest, however, was when they wore the stars-and-stripes uniform from 1972-81, as it was ranked ninth all-time.

Julius Erving made that jersey look even cooler in the ABA when he was leading the Nets to championships and bringing home MVP awards while throwing down some signature dunks.

The Nets even brought that look back in the 2000s when they had Jason Kidd, Vince Carter and Richard Jefferson donning that look back when they were still in New Jersey.

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That jersey should definitely be a candidate to be brought back again as a throwback uniform at some point during the next few years, as it would be very cool to see Irving and Durant in that look. Jarrett Allen would blend in perfectly with that look with his ‘fro as well.

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