Brooklyn Nets: Did Kyrie Irving hint that he’s ready to return?

The NBA season is still up in the air, but did Brooklyn Nets guard Kyrie Irving hint that he’s ready to return if the season resumes?

Brooklyn Nets guard Kyrie Irving effectively ended his season in March to correct his right shoulder impingement just before the coronavirus shut down league operations.

However, with momentum pushing towards a possible return to play, speculation has picked up that Irving might be ready to return to action once the season starts back up.

Irving posted a picture on his Instagram story with just a couple of sneakers and a backpack, but what was most eye-popping about that picture is that it was taken on a basketball court.

Could he have been promoting his new sneakers? Perhaps, but there are many better ways to go about promoting your new product than having the other sneaker pretty much out of the frame and having them sit next to a backpack.

The location that this picture was taken that is also speculated to be at his middle school gym, which is Roosevelt Middle School in West Orange, NJ. Something to also note about this picture is also the timeliness of it, as it was posted 11 weeks to the day since he elected to get surgery, so maybe he’s hinting that a return to action isn’t far off.

If the league returns to action, and Irving feels ready, then he should definitely come back and help the Nets make some noise in the playoffs.

Although he only played 20 games, Kyrie was enjoying a season where he was averaging a career-high 27.4 points per game with a very efficient 47.8 field goal percentage. Those are MVP type of numbers.

Irving arguably had the best performance of his career this season as well, as he dropped 54 points on 19-of-23 shooting (!!!) from the floor. How often do you hear about that happening?!

Each and every time he was out there on the court, he appeared locked in and motivated to lead this group without Kevin Durant and prove to the world why he should be in the conversation as the best point guard in the NBA while repping a franchise he grew up rooting for.

The best way for him to further integrate himself into that conversation is to go out there and really help the Nets make some noise in the playoffs without Durant.

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If Irving still doesn’t feel ready to take the floor by the time the season resumes, though, then he should definitely wait until next season and prepare himself to take the league by storm with his best friend by his side.

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