Brooklyn Nets: What Lineups Could the Team use if the Playoffs Occur?

Jacque Vaughn Brooklyn Nets (Photo by Steven Ryan/Getty Images)
Jacque Vaughn Brooklyn Nets (Photo by Steven Ryan/Getty Images) /
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With the NBA still discussing multiple different scenarios regarding how to move forward into the playoffs, the Brooklyn Nets might need to put out some alternative lineups in response.

Across nearly every single sporting league, hypotheticals appear certain to continue dominating all discussions for at least another week with the COVID-19 pandemic still sweeping across the country. Now appearing extremely larger after the NHL declared its plans to move forward with a 24-team playoff format, the question mark hovering above the NBA regarding its decision on how to conclude this year’s season still lacks a concrete answer with only a few unsatisfying theories and rumored plans taking its place instead, as the rest of the Brooklyn Nets 2019-20 season is still very much up in the air.

While the decision to cancel the entire season unfortunately still remains on the table for the NBA, others throughout the league with more optimistic mindsets recently laid out some adjusted playoff schemes for Adam Silver to chew on, and hopefully select sooner rather than later.

Often described as the simplest idea, this first option moves forward with the NBA’s typical playoff format immediately, cutting off the roughly 18 games per team originally apart from the regular-season schedule. But taking form this week, a second option involving the entire league’s top 16 teams, disregarding conferences and forging a league-wide bracket began to grow with popularity as well.

All the while, a third option instead of offering a “play in” chance for each conference’s teams currently seeded 7-12 appears as an option swiftly gaining traction as well.

Now, these ideas only stand as the three most frequently discussed amongst the long line of potential playoff formats dreamt up over the last few weeks, with each option seemingly more complicated than the last. But even if the league narrowed it down to these three options alone, the still omnipresent feeling of uncertainty implemented just by the prospect of an alternative playoff environment might force the Nets to tweak their lineup accordingly.