Brooklyn Nets: What Lineups Could the Team use if the Playoffs Occur?

Jacque Vaughn Brooklyn Nets (Photo by Steven Ryan/Getty Images)
Jacque Vaughn Brooklyn Nets (Photo by Steven Ryan/Getty Images) /
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Although this lineup lacks any real pop and frankly feels quite hard to root for, it assembles five players who consistently give the Nets the same production night in and night out. With Temple and Chandler now joining Jordan as starting five members, the Nets also spill out even more experience onto the floor, ready to help the team if truly needed.

Jacque Vaughn likely starts this lineup only if the Nets endure some serious issues getting back into their groove once returning to competitive basketball. Until now, most NBA players lacked any familiarity to a situation such as this, so the effects brought upon by it remain terrifyingly unknown.

So when assuming the worst, turning towards the team’s most established veterans seems like the only sufficient answer.

Especially if the league chooses to force the Nets into “play in” series apart from a new playoff format, this lineup might require formation to help a struggling Nets team win a late-round game against a lower-seeded team, having only gone up a game or two ahead Brooklyn due to their inability to shake off the rust.

Young teams like the Charlotte Hornets or Orlando Magic might give the Nets a good scare if they ignite a game or two earlier than the Nets.

If LeVert struggles to shoot consistently or Prince falls victim to his own inconsistencies, we might see the Nets deploy this “insurance policy squad.”

Hopefully, the Nets never reach a point where they begin inflicting a “trial and error” strategy leading them to eventually call upon this group, but given the league’s unusual circumstances this year, starting players who embody such consistency and maturity might prove vital to Brooklyn’s potential playoff run.