Brooklyn Nets: Kyrie Irving seen peacefully protesting

Brooklyn Nets guard Kyrie Irving went live on his Instagram story showing him at a protest and also posted a statement as part of #BlackOutTuesday.

Brooklyn Nets guard Kyrie Irving joined several peaceful protestors to speak out against the unjust killing of George Floyd and racism in the United States. He aired it live on his Instagram story.

The exact location is not known, but it appeared to be Southern California, which makes sense given the fact that Kyrie has spent some time out there during the coronavirus pandemic.

Irving also posted a lengthy message on his personal page to take part in the #BlackOutTuesday movement that took place all over social media.

Irving ended his post with “we are the generation that will change this!”

Golden State Warriors head coach Steve Kerr, in his own statement, echoed much of that same sentiment of the younger generation being the ones who will make changes in the United States.

Kerr is absolutely spot on in his statement. The younger generation knows that they have access to some of the best resources in the world, such as the Internet, which allows for easier access to credible news sources that may not have been as easy to access over 30 years ago, and they also know that they can use their voice to educate those unaware of various issues surrounding the world.

Athletes, like Irving, also know that they have a platform that can reach audiences worldwide via social media, so it’s amazing to see them taking advantage of it to inspire positive change.

Those athletes have people from different backgrounds all around the world looking up to them, and if they actively take a stand against racism, then hopefully, it will naturally influence others.

In order for this country to become a safer place for black men and women to be a part of, it starts with every one of us speaking out against racism and punishing those who fail to protect the lives of Black Americans.

It was extremely brave by Kyrie Irving to put together this statement, and it’s on all of us to follow his lead and make this country a better place to live in. Black Lives Matter.