Brooklyn Nets: Spencer Dinwiddie purchases home in San Antonio

NEW YORK, NEW YORK - MARCH 08: Spencer Dinwiddie #26 of the Brooklyn Nets (Photo by Steven Ryan/Getty Images)
NEW YORK, NEW YORK - MARCH 08: Spencer Dinwiddie #26 of the Brooklyn Nets (Photo by Steven Ryan/Getty Images) /

Brooklyn Nets guard Spencer Dinwiddie recently purchased a house in San Antonio. Could that mean that he could be joining the Spurs?

According to Monticello Homes’ Instagram page, Brooklyn Nets guard Spencer Dinwiddie purchased a home in San Antonio.

The 6’5″ point guard was pictured with his girlfriend, Arielle Roberson, outside his new home.

What’s worth noting here is that Arielle is the sister of Andre Roberson, and both of them are natives of the San Antonio area.

However, with the way things go on social media, there is always going to be room for trade speculation, as the Nets could be looking for a third-star anyway.

Which potential trade could make sense for both sides?

One trade that comes to mind is the Nets potentially acquiring DeMar DeRozan. DeRozan currently has a player option, but if the Nets and Spurs could work out a deal to bring DeRozan to Brooklyn, then that might appeal to the former Toronto Raptors guard.

One trade that would work financially is sending away Dinwiddie and Taurean Prince in exchange for DeRozan. The Spurs might not have a ton of leverage here, so the Nets may not need to give up any other assets in this deal.

DeRozan would immediately assume the role of that third star for the Nets, and would most likely man the starting small forward spot.

DeRozan does most of his damage less than 10 feet away from the basket, as he makes 61.9 percent of those shots in 7.8 shot attempts per game on average. However, he doesn’t offer any three-point shooting, but the Nets could run a lot of sets where they look for him to attract defenders inside, and then have Kyrie Irving and Kevin Durant play off the ball and shoot off the catch in those instances.

I still personally think that Dinwiddie is the better fit in Brooklyn’s system than DeRozan, anyway, and DeRozan coming in would diminish Caris LeVert’s role.

For the Spurs, they’ll be getting a point guard that can score in a multitude of ways and operate in the pick-and-roll. Assuming they hold on to LaMarcus Aldridge next season, that could prove to be deadly, as Aldridge is very good at positioning himself off the pick to set himself up for easy mid-range jumpers.

Gregg Popovich is very good about getting the best out of his players, so Dinwiddie could very well benefit by just being in his system by default.

Manu Ginobili and Tony Parker were second-round picks much like Dinwiddie, and although it’s unfair to expect Dinwiddie to perform at a Hall-of-Fame level like those two, maybe he could see an All-Star Game or two in his playing career if Pop gets the Spurs back to being a powerhouse team in the Western Conference and he’s their lead guard.

As for Prince, he’s a San Antonio area native as well, so he might benefit just by being closer to home and being in Pop’s system.

Prince has struggled to step into a larger role this season with Kevin Durant out, but he’s still shooting the three-pointer at a 34 percent clip, and with a ball moving heavy team like the Spurs, there will be plenty of room for a player like that on their team.

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All in all, I personally think there is nothing to Dinwiddie purchasing a house in San Antonio other than the fact that his girlfriend is from that area, so I wouldn’t worry too much, Nets fans.