It’s time for the Brooklyn Nets to embrace their New Jersey roots

Brooklyn Nets owner Joe Tsai recently said that he wants to bring back uniforms they wore in New Jersey, and it’s about time they did just that.

The Brooklyn Nets moved to the Barclays Center in 2012 after 35 years in New Jersey, and with that came a brand new identity.

The Nets adopted a black-and-white color scheme with completely new uniforms and a set of logos, as it helped usher in a new era. It helped the Nets blend in with the hip-hop culture of the borough and also gave people all around the world nice gear to rock to make a fashion statement.

However, what felt completely ignored since their move to Brooklyn was the good old days in the Meadowlands, as the New Jersey Nets banners had a black-and-white color scheme instead of their usual red, white and blue pattern.

Luckily for the fans that embrace the good old days in the Garden State, Nets owner Joe Tsai recently came out and said that he wants to bring back a New Jersey Nets jersey as a throwback to honor their days across the river.

There are way too many good times in the Meadowlands for this organization to ignore, and in order for the Nets to regain a good portion of the fanbase that left them due to the move to the big city, they’re going to have to market themselves as appreciative of their time in New Jersey.

True Nets fans grow nostalgic when they think of the times they played their home games in the Continental Airlines Arena/Izod Center.

They’ll think of the times when Jason Kidd brought the Nets to the NBA Finals in two consecutive years with Kenyon Martin by his side, or they’ll think about how Kidd and Vince Carter formed arguably the best backcourt in league history with Richard Jefferson rounding out their own “Big 3.”

If you go back even further, fans will also think about their playoff run in 1998 when they lost to the Chicago Bulls during their “Final Dance” season in the first round, or they’ll think about the days of Drazen Petrovic, Derrick Coleman and Buck Williams.

The Nets aren’t considered a historically great franchise by any means, but their fanbase is as loyal as it gets and there have been some pretty big names that have come through the organization over the course of their time in New Jersey.

If there was a jersey that the Nets should go with to honor their New Jersey roots, then I would personally go with either the navy blue one with ‘New Jersey’ across the chest or the gray version of that because not only does it serve its purpose of honoring the Garden State, but it also honors the teams that went to the Finals for the first time in franchise history and brings back fond memories of the dynamic backcourt of Kidd and Carter.

If the Nets never played in New Jersey and didn’t have the success they had in the 2000s, then they may not have ever gotten Kyrie Irving and Kevin Durant, as Irving notably grew up a huge fan of the Nets while growing up in West Orange. Irving also had a very close friendship with Durant even before they teamed up on the Nets, so if it wasn’t for Irving growing up a Nets fan, then KD could very well have ended up on the New York Knicks.

Having said all of that, the time is now for the Nets to do right by their die-hard fans and their superstar point guard, and that is to honor a significant part of their franchise history.