Nets: Kevin Durant Allegedly Caught Liking Instagram Post of Louis Farrakhan


Brooklyn Nets superstar Kevin Durant’s recent social media activity could land him in some hot water.

On Monday, Philadelphia Eagles wide receiver DeSean Jackson took to Instagram in disturbing fashion when he shared quotes attributed to Adolf Hiter as a means to spark conversation.

In two separate posts, Jackson expressed commendation for Louis Farrakhan, the controversial leader of the Nation of Islam who has been identified as an anti-Semite by the Southern Poverty Law Center as well as other organizations.

The three-time Pro Bowler has since released an apology, and the Eagles published a statement condemning the message he attempted to convey. Unfortunately, however, we’re not done with this narrative, as Brooklyn Nets superstar Kevin Durant was caught liking an Instagram post featuring Farrakhan. The screenshot tells the whole story.

Did Durant honestly think this was going to fly under the radar?

The civil unrest stemming from the murder of George Floyd is still very much alive, as the nation is alert as ever in terms of identifying potential racist acts. Could the two-time Finals MVP‘s account have been hacked? Sure, but either way he needs to come public and acknowledge this.

Liking the Instagram post about a man who disdains Judaism and refers to Hitler as an icon is as reprehensible as it gets. We’re not accusing Durant of doing so, but reactionary fans will be led to believe that he admires Farrakhan and holds similar beliefs.

Durant would be wise to address this before it gets blown out of proportion and people start making assumptions.

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Whatever the case, there’s no denying that this is a poor look for the 10-time All-Star. Stephen Jackson, who also endorsed DeSean Jackson’s social posts, has been making several appearances on social media on Wednesday that have yet to be disavowed. Durant similarly needs to publicly walk back this action.