Nets: Why Brooklyn Should Keep Chiozza and TLC

Chris Chiozza Brooklyn Nets (Photo by Steven Ryan/Getty Images)
Chris Chiozza Brooklyn Nets (Photo by Steven Ryan/Getty Images) /

Chris Chiozza and Timothé Luwawu-Cabarrot have earned spots with the Nets.

The NBA is back! Our favorite underdog team, the Brooklyn Nets, are in the bubble and they are competing for a chance at a championship.

With a 35-36 record, the Nets have locked up  the seventh seed to face the reigning champs, the Raptors.  It would be nice to dream that the Nets will beat the Raptors with this current roster, but the reality is that this won’t be the case.

Instead, we look forward to the next season with our stars — Kevin Durant, Kyrie Irving, and other players who will be key to the team.  But based on these last seven games, we have learned something about the effectiveness of the lower reaches of our roster: namely, we need to keep Chris Chiozza and Timothé Luwawu-Cabarrot. These two ways players have been nothing but scorers and facilitators for the the Nets, and to have at least one our roster next year would only propel the Nets to a possible championship. It’s time to give these player official spots on the roster.

Both role players had come from the Long Island Nets at various times. When they came, it took them some time to figure out the Nets system, as there were many changes.

Like most good players, they adapted and figured out how they can contribute with their limited minutes. During the bubble play, these two individuals have been able to display their understanding of the Nets system clearly, as Luwawu-Cabarrot has averaged 14 points per game, and Chiozza has facilitated well, notching 5.0 assists per game and securing a 5-2 record for the Brooklyn Nets.

They have been so crucial in key games against the Clippers and Bucks, helping the team to vault up and avoid a rematch with Milwaukee in the first round. These contributions are key indicators of what a championship team’s bench should do offensively. Championship teams need role players who can score and contribute to the offense.  Chiozza and TLC can contribute in some way to the offense, without even really knowing the system. It’s just a matter of what Sean Marks thinks the team need for next season.

I can tell you, however, that these players are what we need offensively off the bench, and what we need to win a championship.

Timothe scores 26 against the Milwaukee Bucks. (Photo by Steven Ryan/ Getty Images)
Timothe scores 26 against the Milwaukee Bucks. (Photo by Steven Ryan/ Getty Images) /

This article is assuming that these players will play their part in the playoffs, which I know they will. If I am wrong, we can give that 14th and/or 15th spot to someone else. If I am right, at least one of them deserves a spot, since they mesh so well with the culture of the Brooklyn Nets.

Our Nets have the recipe to win a championship, but the final ingredient may involve signing at least one of these two-way players who delivered on their end to get us where we need to be today.  Let’s keep the relationship going and SIGN THEM BACK for next season.