Nets: Kevin Durant appears in Drake’s new music video

Kevin Durant was ballin’ in Drake’s new music video for “Laugh Now Cry Later.”

Though Drake’s boys captured their first NBA Championship when the Toronto Raptors stunned the Golden State Warriors last year, it’s clear the famed rapper kept a good relationship with Kevin Durant.

While KD was on the Warriors and helped deliver back-to-back titles for them, he missed last year’s Finals due to a ruptured Achilles, so he got an extra dose of listening to Drake jabber courtside since he wasn’t able to tune it out with his play.

But we should’ve known Drake was on Durant’s good side after all the trash talking he dropped on Draymond Green, who we now know to be the main reason (at least according to wide reporting) why the Slim Reaper left Golden State. The relationship is flourishing, too. Drake had KD make a cameo in his new music video for “Laugh Now Cry Later.”

Ballin’ with Drake at Nike World HQ in some futuristic world it seems? Pretty damn cool. What else does Durant need to do with his time anyway? He’s still rehabbing away from the bubble, though the Nets are managing to impress without him. It’s a win-win. Might as well enjoy the time off, because the next few years in Brooklyn will be hectic.

You can thank Drake for helping KD on the rehab trail too! Durant drills a few shots in his face and records a block and a steal. He’s ready. Think he’s feeling good? Just ask him on Twitter.

And later in the video Drake even rocks the old school Raptors hat too! A big shove it to the Warriors in indirect fashion from Durant? Probably not, but it’s cooler to think of it that way because of his involvement in the production!

Let’s just hope for the sake of Nets fans that KD is dunking and smiling like he is here when he’s healthy next year.