Nets: GM Sean Marks reveals top offseason priority

Nets GM Sean Marks knows exactly where to start this offseason: Joe Harris.

Though the play on the court has exceeded expectations, Nets fans have surely spent much of the Bubble mentally preparing for some massive roster turnover.

Propelled by Kevin Durant and Kyrie Irving, the Nets are now a Star Factory, whether they intended to be or not. Generally, that involves importing a third member of the trio, instead of relying on Caris LeVert’s breakout to be sustainable.

However, that doesn’t appear to be GM Sean Marks’ M.O. at all. He comes from San Antonio, where success was sustained from within. The team developed superstars from all walks of life, retained them when necessary, and surrounded them with sharpshooting. Based on Marks’ comments this week, that appears to be Brooklyn’s mentality, too.

Nets sideline reporter Michael Grady spoke with Marks, who made his top offseason priority incredibly clear: Bring back Joe Harris, who’s going to be seeing dollar signs.

“Priority number one.  It’s that simple, yeah,” Marks said, regarding Harris. “Joe, I think we’ve talked about plenty of times.  We’re obviously very proud of where Joe has come from. And where he is today. And he still continues to get better. (He) Still wants to work on his craft. So, yeah, signing him and seeing him with this group will certainly be a priority for us.”

Harris has had his name connected to all sorts of contenders (and also the Knicks) before this offseason’s even commenced. He’s also been thrown into myriad trade rumors, potentially alongside LeVert and Jarrett Allen.

Unless this is all lip service, though, Marks seems intent on retaining the UVA sharpshooter — and as a player, too, not as trade bait.

Harris has found a home on the wing in Brooklyn, and the team’s braintrust appears committed to making him a part of the next great Nets team. Hopefully, it gets done sensibly, and with a lot of flexibility remaining. We’re all ears.