Nets: DeAndre Jordan calls out Brian Urlacher over IG post about NBA protests

Brooklyn Nets big man DeAndre Jordan took exception to comments from an NFL Hall of Famer.

Stay outta the NBA’s way, man. You really don’t want to be calling out any of the players who arguably have the strongest feelings of any group of athletes when it comes to the escalation racial tensions in the United States.

For some reason, people outside of the NBA decided to make it their business when teams opted to sit out the last couple days of playoff games in order to bring attention to the situation surrounding Jacob Blake, an unarmed black man who was shot seven times in the back by police in Kenosha, Wisconsin.

Former Chicago Bears linebacker and Hall of Famer Brian Urlacher felt the need to chime in on Instagram, criticizing the NBA for its decision to protest, and Brooklyn Nets big man DeAndre Jordan responded succinctly and harshly.

In a matter of moments, the Bears released a statement saying that Urlacher’s comments were not a reflection of the organization. And one could say this is indeed a “clown” response. Just by comparing these two situations, most can see how ignorant it is.

Brett Favre’s dad wasn’t shot seven times in the back (though he did sadly pass away from a heart attack at the age of 58). Also, Brett Favre’s dad wasn’t a victim of police brutality, which is what NBA players are trying to magnify here (among other things).

Also, there’s video proof of police shooting Blake in the back seven times. There’s no proof of Blake using, holding or reaching for a knife. We do know he had a knife in the car, but nothing is clear, and that’s coming from the Department of Justice.

The DOJ has not clarified whether the knife was on the floorboard throughout the confrontation, or if Blake may have held it at some point. Spokeswoman Gillian Drummond declined to answer that question when asked by USA TODAY on Aug. 27.

Urlacher also liked a post on Instagram showing support for 17-year-old Kyle Rittenhouse, a suspect who has been charged with homicide after driving from Illinois to Kenosha with an illegal AR-15-style rifle and opening fire on protesters, killing two and injuring one.

Regardless of one’s stance here, Urlacher’s assumptions are wrong and he has no business chiming in on what the NBA deems important. His playing days are over. Enjoy retirement, buddy. It’s certainly going to be unpleasant now after you exposed yourself on social media like this.