Nets: Steve Nash signs 4-year deal to become BKN head coach in absolute shocker

The Brooklyn Nets have their new head coach in two-time MVP Steve Nash.

WHAT?! WHAT?! Where are we?! The Brooklyn Nets’ head coaching search felt like it was going to drag on for weeks, especially with all the Gregg Popovich rumors starting to heat up (he put his out on the market in San Antonio!). But leave it to general manager Sean Marks to come out of nowhere and make another monumental splash for the second straight year.

Former Dallas Mavericks and Phoenix Suns legend Steve Nash just signed a four-year deal to become the Nets’ head coach. Jacque Vaughn will reportedly remain as an assistant.

We can’t believe it, either.

When you consider all of the candidates that had been floated in the rumor mill, this is even more shocking. Nash hadn’t even been on the radar to become an assistant anywhere. Seriously, when’s the last time we heard anything about him?

The Nets made the announcement early on Thursday and in the press release revealed the two-time MVP will be introduced via press conference next Wednesday.

It appears Kevin Durant had a lot of influence here, considering Nash was a player development consultant with the Dubs for five seasons that aligned with Durant’s time with the organization. KD also spent a lot of time working out with Nash in the offseason over that span.

We always expected the Slim Reaper to have the most pull in terms of the team hiring its next head coach, but it was previously reported Kyrie Irving would too. Plus, Marks said he’d be consulting the rest of the roster about the decision.

Well, that moved fast and one can assume the players were on board with this in fairly convincing fashion.

Nash, a Hall of Famer, had a prominent 18-year career in the NBA, but it ended on a low note with his short two-season tenure with the Los Angeles Lakers. Before that, with the Suns and Mavericks, he won two MVP awards (both with the Suns), and led the league in assists five times, though never captured a championship despite his elite play.

For Nets fans, perhaps their first ring will be Nash’s.