Why Stephen A. Smith’s Nets-Knicks rant is completely wrong

PHILADELPHIA, PA - DECEMBER 20: ESPN analyst Stephen A. Smith (Photo by Mitchell Leff/Getty Images)
PHILADELPHIA, PA - DECEMBER 20: ESPN analyst Stephen A. Smith (Photo by Mitchell Leff/Getty Images) /

Stephen A. Smith was a little too quick to drink the Knicks Kool-Aid after the Nets’ slow start.

The Brooklyn Nets have cooled off a tad after an incredibly hot start, and their slump couldn’t have come at a worse time, given how the New York Knicks have recently ground out some tough victories in order to make it to 5-3 early in the season.

Stephen A. Smith, ESPN’s resident Knicks fan and the most noteworthy Knicks voice in the sports media landscape, is already starting to write the Nets’ obituary, as he thinks the Nets have some serious warts on their roster right now.

Smith seems more excited about the 5-3 Knicks than he does about the 4-4 Nets, going off on a long rant in which he cited the Spencer Dinwiddie injury, poor interior defense, and tendency to rely on Kyrie Irving late in games as a reason to lose faith in the Nets. Smith also claimed winning 45 games out of 72 and missing the Finals would be a disappointing season.

Stephen A. Smith might be bailing on the Nets too soon.

Smith is correct in pointing out that the loss of Dinwiddie and the porous defense might be major obstacles that the Nets will have to overcome, but are we really going to bail on Brooklyn for the Knicks after just eight fanless games?

Yes, Kyrie is taking most of the shots late in games. However, Washington game notwithstanding, he is making most of those shots, so this system is working fine right now. Yes, Kevin Durant is currently quarantining, but the expectation is that he will return after just one week.

We know Stephen A. would do anything to see his Knicks start winning again, and Tom Thibodeau certainly has them playing excellent basketball right now. However, the foundation for a title run in Brooklyn is still there, and it might be foolish to abandon ship right now.