Brooklyn Nets: 4 trade targets that make more sense than Kevin Love

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3. Christian Wood

Christian Wood cannot be obtained until after March 3, when players that signed deals in the 2020 offseason are eligible to be traded. That said, he’d be a perfect target…if he doesn’t harbor any resentment towards James Harden after the way the beginning of the season unfolded.

Admittedly, the Brooklyn Nets may lack the assets in a straight up deal for Wood, but if they can find the right third partner that values Joe Harris’ contract enough, the Rockets’ likely desire for draft picks could be satisfied.

We know he plays well alongside James Harden, and even despite the turmoil that unfolded at the end of “the Beard’s” tenure in H-Town, there was a point where the team chemistry in Houston was clicking.

This was Wood’s answer when specifically asked how things were when Harden returned in early January before the Brooklyn blockbuster (via Woj Pod):

"Believe it or not, the team chemistry has been great. Since James has got in, we’ve all clicked. Especially since James and John [Wall] have known each other before even being on the team with each other. They already had an established relationship, so it was great. And then John and Boogie Cousins had a relationship, so they just mesh well. We’ve all just really come together."

As a traditional power forward, he would allow Durant to slide to the wing, and spacing wouldn’t be compromised. The 25-year-old has shot 37% from the 3-point line the past two seasons.

In staggered lineups, he could reprise his role as a center — with minutes alongside Harden against opposing second units while Durant and Irving rest being the most optimal use of his versatility.

The frontcourt duo of Wood and Jordan seems equipped to take on the Lakers’ size, and his $13 million cap hit is peanuts for a player averaging 24 points, 11 rebounds, and two blocks per game. Wood is a far superior option to Love on a much more manageable deal.