Brooklyn Nets: 3 buyout candidates the team needs to avoid

TAMPA, FLORIDA - DECEMBER 23: JJ Redick #4 of the New Orleans Pelicans (Photo by Julio Aguilar/Getty Images)
TAMPA, FLORIDA - DECEMBER 23: JJ Redick #4 of the New Orleans Pelicans (Photo by Julio Aguilar/Getty Images) /
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Sean Marks knows that his work with regard to improving the Brooklyn Nets is far from finished.

Despite the addition of James Harden alongside Kevin Durant and Kyrie Irving, which has made the Nets one of the most lethal offenses in the league, there are still cracks on this roster that need papering over.

Outside of DeAndre Jordan, who has himself been called on the carpet for his poor interior defense at times, this Nets team lacks any sort of quality interior defense.

With their perimeter defense also suspect, Brooklyn could pursue the buyout and trade markets to acquire a veteran who can plug those holes.

The latest Nets-centric rumor has been related to Cleveland Cavaliers big man Andre Drummond, who appears to be on his way out of Ohio via either a buyout or a trade. Given what the Nets need, this could be a perfect fit.

If the Nets don’t end up getting Drummond, though, that doesn’t mean they should try to add a veteran from the buyout market just for the sake of making an addition. The Nets need to stay far clear of these three potential time bombs.

These 3 buyout candidates wouldn’t work for the Brooklyn Nets

Nemanja Bjelica, Brooklyn Nets
PORTLAND, OREGON – DECEMBER 13: Nemanja Bjelica #8 of the Sacramento Kings (Photo by Steve Dykes/Getty Images) /

No. 3: PF Nemanja Bjelica, Sacramento Kings

On the surface, Bjelica looks like an ideal stretch 4 that the Nets could utilize in a variety of different lineups. After all, the 6-10 Bjelica is making 39 percent of his 3-point attempts during his three-year stint with the Kings. With younger options making him redundant, he could look to wiggle his way out of Northern California.

The Nets do need some size, and anyone that can give Steve Nash and Mike D’Antoni some extra shooting is worth taking a look at. However, when Bjelica’s season with Sacramento gets examined more closely, and his 27% 3-point success rate is uncovered, he becomes a much less attractive player.

Bjelica isn’t offering much on offense, and wouldn’t help the Nets.

With his scoring down and Sacramento playing better the less time Bjelica spends on the floor, he has been one of several Kings players who simply hasn’t been playing at the level expected of him over the last few weeks.

His shooting percentages are down, his defense is getting attacked frequently, and he would be an odd fit on the roster. Bjelica might rediscover his shooting stroke on another contender, but the Serbian big man wouldn’t be the smoothest fit on the Nets roster, especially when Jeff Green exists.