Brooklyn Nets: Star NFL WR teases Andre Drummond to BK with funny tweet

Cavaliers center Andre Drummond (Photo by Jason Miller/Getty Images)
Cavaliers center Andre Drummond (Photo by Jason Miller/Getty Images) /

The Brooklyn Nets made a splash over the weekend when they signed Blake Griffin after he agreed to buyout with the Detroit Pistons.

Though this move was viewed as a gamble from the Nets considering Griffin’s polarizing style of play and lengthy injury history, the fact that he’ll add needed depth to their thin frontcourt rotation and is taking a significant pay cut to play in Brooklyn should leave fans feeling optimistic.

It remains to be seen if GM Sean Marks would like to make some final tweaks to the roster before the end of the month, but what can’t be argued is that fans will be clamoring for him to make one last addition to really bolster their championship odds.

Well, if NFL wide receiver Allen Robinson has anything to say about it, the Nets will add arguably the most coveted player on the buyout/trade market.

In a “sarcastic” tweet (we think?), the star free agent stated that Andre Drummond plans to sign with Brooklyn.

NFL wide receiver Allen Robinson seems to think Andre Drummond has made up his mind about signing with the Nets.

Robinson has been active on Twitter as far as teasing fans in light of his impending free agency, but we honestly did not see this coming.

Most of his tweets have revolved around his NFL future, though it’s worth noting that he’s posted the occasional tweet about the Nets, seemingly indicating that he enjoys watching them play.

When it comes to believing Robinson’s insight, however, the “look for them to still be active around the trade deadline” portion of his post suggests that he’s joking about how Brooklyn continues to stack its already-loaded roster despite having limited financial wiggle room.

We hate to throw cold water on what would be a fantastic addition for the Nets, but insider Marc Stein of the New York Times reported this week that the Lakers believe they’ll get “strong consideration” from Drummond if the Cavaliers are unable to find a trade partner for him.

After the Griffin acquisition, do the Nets even have the requisite resources to bring Drummond aboard? Whether it’s via trade or buyout, we’re not sure how much Brooklyn has left in the tank or where he’d even fit in the rotation alongside Griffin, DeAndre Jordan and Nicolas Claxton.

Cleveland would obviously prefer to get something in return for Drummond as opposed to saving money by agreeing to buy him out, which is why they decided to bench him last month while they pursue a trade for him. That leaves the Nets on the outside looking in here as they unloaded their most valuable assets in the James Harden blockbuster.

Maybe Robinson knows something every esteemed insider in the industry currently doesn’t, but we wouldn’t count on it. If we had to guess, the Pro Bowl receiver was simply cracking wise about how the Nets, despite having three of the most talented players in the world and being in sole possession of the No. 2 seed in the East, are still somehow not satisfied with their roster.