Brooklyn Nets: Spencer Dinwiddie’s tweet hinting at early return is a tease

NEW YORK, NEW YORK - MARCH 08: Spencer Dinwiddie #26 of the Brooklyn Nets (Photo by Steven Ryan/Getty Images)
NEW YORK, NEW YORK - MARCH 08: Spencer Dinwiddie #26 of the Brooklyn Nets (Photo by Steven Ryan/Getty Images) /

Time to play a game of “Who Do You Believe?” Brooklyn Nets fans!

Whose side are you on? Spencer Dinwiddie, representing perseverance? Or Steve Nash, representing tempered expectations?

On Tuesday, Dinwiddie updated us all on his recovery from a partial ACL tear, suffered on Dec. 27 against the Hornets, just as this magical season was beginning.

At the time, most expected he’d miss the entire campaign (including all doctors), and fans became resigned to the idea that Dinwiddie may have already turned from exciting hidden gem to trade bait before this generation of Brooklyn Nets basketball could be fully realized.

That is … until the man himself seemed to spark visions of a playoff comeback this week.

Dinwiddie shared video of his rehab at Phenom Sports Performance, insinuating that he was attempting to set recovery records.

Brooklyn Nets star Spencer Dinwiddie wants to set records for his recovery.

Um, thanks for asking, Spencer. I’d … I’d think 17 weeks would be the record for an ACL tear recovery, yes. People are usually a lot more cautious with these things.

Nets fans certainly knew better than to react to the video with unbridled optimism, though, and chose not to get their hopes up about adding the combo guard before the tournament began.

Probably wise, too, since Steve Nash essentially dumped the ice bucket challenge on the whole process Tuesday evening.

According to Nash, “stranger things have happened” than Dinwiddie playing this postseason, but … not many of them.

Nash preaching patience here is probably the correct assessment of the situation, and hopefully there doesn’t end up being bad blood from a clash of recovery ideologies here.

Whether it’s this season or next, returning Dinwiddie to Brooklyn should probably be atop Sean Marks’ to-do list, much like retaining Joe Harris was last season. It’s hard to imagine a more perfect second-unit sub for James Harden, and it’s a bummer we didn’t get to experience that one-for-one trade whatsoever this season.

Probably not going to happen this May or June, though. Cross your fingers for the free agency cycle. No more trade rumors, either.