Brooklyn Nets News: James Harden police incident and rumors

NEW YORK, NEW YORK - JUNE 01: James Harden #13 of the Brooklyn Nets (Photo by Steven Ryan/Getty Images)
NEW YORK, NEW YORK - JUNE 01: James Harden #13 of the Brooklyn Nets (Photo by Steven Ryan/Getty Images) /

This week’s Brooklyn Nets news revolves around a James Harden controversy, Kevin Durant overseas and — yes — offseason rumors.

The Brooklyn Nets fell a toe-length short in their quest to defeat the Milwaukee Bucks in the Eastern Conference Semis this year, a painful reminder that reared its ugly head again this week when those same Bucks captured the NBA Championship.

Now, the offseason is in full swing, though we’ve been in rumor mode for weeks now trying to find ideal fits for the Nets on something less than a Blake Griffin budget.

Perhaps he’d like to return at a discount? Maybe Kevin Love has some interest? The story of this offseason has yet to be determined, but it simply must involve a center who can play better than DeAndre Jordan and some perimeter-roaming bigs.

A scope through this week’s news shows that plenty of focus remains on the Nets’ stars wherever they go, whether they’re trying to relax overseas or win a Gold for the Uniter States. The rumor mill hasn’t exactly been kind to us, either, mostly consisting of reporters answering their own questions about who’s available with an emphatic, “No.”

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Details and footage of James Harden police incident in Paris emerge (Video) [ – Braulio Perez]

"Police in Paris reportedly crashed the feel good vibes on Thursday, pulling over that Lil Baby was riding in because of a ‘strong’ odor of marijuana.Harden was nearby and went to go help out Lil Baby, and that’s when things got a little stick and partially icky. According to ESPN. French police decided to detain Harden as they investigated what they felt was a drug possession violation."

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"“He keeps making everything tough on KD (Kevin Durant),” said Antetokounmpo. “He’s vocal. He’s a leader. He pushes us to be great. He’s definitely a big piece of this organization and this team. He’s going to keep helping us. We definitely need him moving forward.”How would the Nets compete with that, if Tucker is even interested in joining up with his old friend and rival Durant? Short of a trade that’s difficult to imagine, the Nets would be limited to the taxpayer MLE, roughly $6 million. (A sign-and-trade would hard cap the Nets, something they skillfully avoided last season.)"

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