Brooklyn Nets: Big Baby Davis’ Kyrie Irving comments looking very ironic

Brooklyn Nets, Kyrie Irving. Mandatory Credit: Brian Fluharty-USA TODAY Sports
Brooklyn Nets, Kyrie Irving. Mandatory Credit: Brian Fluharty-USA TODAY Sports /

Brooklyn Nets point guard Kyrie Irving stands as no stranger to ridiculous scrutiny hailing from the Boston area. Ever since he sidestepped the Celtics to come home, Boston fans, executives, and former players have rushed their way to the front of the “bash Kyrie Irving” line.

Channeling out the hatred, though, Irving has shined significantly while wearing Nets threads. He enjoyed arguably his best season last year, averaging 26.9 points and 6.0 assists per game while joining the legendary .50/.40/.90 club.

However, things collapsed for him and the Nets halfway through the Eastern Conference Semifinals. With the Nets up 2-1 games on the Milwaukee Bucks, Irving landed on Giannis Antetokounmpo’s foot after coming down from a layup. He severely injured his ankle, ending his season, and Brooklyn’s by extension a few days later.

As expected, the Boston media watched Irving go down and gleefully saw it as a chance to celebrate. To the forefront of this movement marched former Celtics power forward Glen “Big Baby” Davis, who called Irving’s injury “karma” because he stepped on Boston’s logo after their first-round series. He also proceeded to scream that Irving’s ankles are “weak.”

Irving, who donated millions of dollars to WNBA Players during the pandemic, paid college tuition for nine high school seniors, bought a house for George Floyd’s family, and financed a solar water center to provide Pakistanis with clean water this past year, also dealt with Davis questioning his ability to “do right by people.”

But as off-base as Davis’s comments were at the time, they now feel ironic to a hilarious extent .

While Irving was out donating his money to the less fortunate, Davis was allegedly defrauding the NBA’s Health and Welfare Benefit Plan.

Along with 17 other NBA players, Davis was arrested and charged for such actions Thursday morning, having reportedly stolen roughly $4 million.

Davis messed up to begin with by questioning Irving’s character as a person, but he now looks like circus clown after failing to keep up with the principles which he so obnoxiously supported. It is ridiculous to call into question another man’s role in bettering the world, while you dig your own greedy claws into it at the same time.

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But as we all know at this point, Davis is a ridiculous person, and not in a good way. Perhaps if “Big Baby” managed to follow his own advice with regard to karma and doing right by others, he might find himself continuing to enjoy retirement, rather than potentially behind bars.