2 Brooklyn Nets Players Disrespected by Lowball NBA 2K23 Ratings

Brooklyn Nets, Cam Thomas (Photo by Michelle Farsi/Getty Images)
Brooklyn Nets, Cam Thomas (Photo by Michelle Farsi/Getty Images) /
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I feel like I’m eating out of Ronnie 2K’s hand right now. But after all, we’re in the dog days of the offseason and with Kevin Durant pressing pause on the Brooklyn Nets’ doomsday device a few weeks ago, what else is there to talk about?

Whether it’s Madden, NHL, FIFA, MLB the Show, or any other major sporting league video game, the release of each athlete’s ratings always stirs up heated debates. When you publicly rank every single person in a given league, it’s only natural to get a few crying fanboys, scorned rivals, and feelings of snubbery.

The athletes themselves even speak out sometimes on their ratings to further the discussion. Durant did so earlier this week, as did an old teammate in Klay Thompson. Both did not seem happy with their latest scores to say the least.

It’s my working theory that game designers do this on purpose. They put out ratings that are just controversial enough to stir the pot without ruining the game’s integrity. In doing so, they spur dialogue about their new game in hope that more people buy it.

For that reason, I feel like I’m doing exactly what the folks over at NBA 2K want right now. But again, what else is there to discuss?

Regardless of their motives, the NBA 2K team released its newest game with its player ratings attached to it this week—including everyone on Brooklyn’s 2022-23 roster. As expected, a few of their player ratings seemed a bit off, even disrespectful.